Peter Wainwright has worked on a number of projects as an associate of Deer Park Alpha, now carlarchitect a leading design and architecture firm, led by Carl Leroy-Smith, based in Portsmouth.

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Projects with them include:

Creative Partnerships. In Spring/Summer ’10, we worked with a Hampshire secondary school to engender creativity in staff and pupils by developing new approaches to problem solving, including taking risks, prototyping, design thinking, and teamworking.

Know Your Place. Working for the Design Commission for Wales, which is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, we trialled a number of observation and narrative techniques across 5 locations over Wales  asking the public to express what makes where they live special and distinctive. The aim of this pioneering social innovation project is to inform the development of a toolkit that can be used to give communities a greater voice in planning processes.

We have strong relationships with a number of training and consultancy companies spanning design, action learning, leadership development and innovation.

Past and current associates: Paul Tiddiman, Paul Hazell, David Montgomery