Strategy and Capability Development

We take a holistic view of the organisation, helping clients to critically assess their situation, and to analyse the resources, capabilities and choices available to them given the pressures in the environment in which they operate.
Then we help clients to make choices – what is the best direction to take and is this backed by sound analysis? what capabilities need to be developed and how?
We help them to be aware that the process and context of their organisation’s strategy is tightly linked to content. The people you involve will directly impact your strategic direction, and vice versa.
We use a wide range of decision support techniques, as it’s rare that a decision can be made by simple pro’s and con’s or ranking.  Usually, you have to balance many, sometimes conflicting criteria, and different stakeholder needs.  If it’s a complex situation, we’ll involve experts in the specific techniques.
Implementation. We help clients to assess how to implement their strategic choices.  As well as changes to the fundamentals of what products or services  to offer, this can involve a subtle blend of changes to culture, systems and structures.  It also involves complex decisions about what activities to carry internally, what to outsource, and what kind of alliances and partnerships are needed.
We have many years’ experience in this field. This includes analysis and development of complex packages of capabilities in national and multinational defence; strategic analysis of one the UK’s most successful ferry ports (Portsmouth); taking the lead role, with colleagues in the Portsmouth Cultural Consortium, in constructing a 10 year vision for Portsmouth.
Read more about MOD’s Through Life Capability Management model here. Its fundamental principles have wide applicability to many other organisations, whether delivering services or products.  If you are not familiar with the defence jargon, you can still get the key ideas.

Case study: Portsmouth International Port

The Brief: Askyra Ltd (formerly Wainwright Associates) was asked to carry out a strategic and operational review of Portsmouth International Port (previously known as Portsmouth Commercial Port) as part of the Best Value  initiative in local government.  The Askyra team was Peter Wainwright and Paul Hazell.

What we did: We created a systemic approach to analysing how well the Port performed as a whole business and what its future strategy and growth might be. We worked with Port staff in a number of workshops to analyse their environment, understand the factors driving the business, analyse their finances, and assess the risks and opportunities. This was the first such all-encompassing review the Port had undertaken.

Results: Our work helped the Port to adjust their strategy, and implement a more structured approach to business planning based around the Port’s core functions. We also recommended changes to long term funding and Port governance. Today, the Port retains its number one reputation and remains “UK’s Best Connected Port”, with sound leadership and offering highly competitive services.

In May 2011, Portsmouth International Port’s new passenger terminal opened.