We are passionate about using good facilitation to help people to change, to innovate, to learn and find new ways of working.  Facilitation is essential when a group wants to be more creative and effective, especially when facing critical decisions.

In Feb 2006, Peter Wainwright established the Open University Alumni Innovation and Facilitation Group – a multi-disciplinary open forum where people come together to learn and share methods, techniques and experiences in creative problem solving and to practice facilitating a group.

In 2010, Peter Wainwright asked by BAE Systems to  facilitate a workshop using creative problem solving techniques to address how the organisation can improve collaboration in knowledge sharing.

“Peter took us through a number of brainstorming techniques including the highlight for me: a 3D physical concept model of the problem space.  He was energetic in invigorating and engaging us to generate masses of ideas and to support us in beginning to synthesise these into action plans.  All in all a fun day with some good outputs.”  Liz Carver, Knowledge Management lead, BAE Systems, Sept ’10.

In 2003, Peter Wainwright was asked to facilitate a cross-departmental high level government workshop to address various security issues:

“May I thank you for your direct support as one of the key facilitators and presenters …With your help, insightful advice and encouragement, I think you will agree we had a most lively and constructive debate…Your input was instrumental in focusing our minds around the wider issues on a number of important occasions”.
Commodore Alan Richards, Ministry of Defence.