Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is now essential for an organisation to thrive.  It’s not just an add-on.  Leaders, especially, have a role in encouraging creativity.  Not an easy task! and that’s where we can help.

Creativity enables you to find and develop different and more effective solutions.  It is vital to unearth and exploit business opportunities.  Many of  your competitors, whether internally competing for resources or in the wider industry and market place, are increasingly adopting a more creative approach to their business.

Why creativity? because linear straight line thinking doesn’t really work when you are in a tight spot! Without a creative culture, there can be no innovation.

We are deep experts in helping clients to foster creativity and innovation.  We draw upon a massive portfolio of methods, tools, frameworks and processes, to help do this, but always creating a blend to suit your needs and culture.

We can help you to:

–  set up simple systems for managing the hundreds of ideas your staff have – most of the ideas remain trapped in their heads. This can be changed.

–  develop a set of tools or approaches that you can use to work through problems and challenges.

–  shift the overall culture and behaviours towards greater creativity. This may involve coaching, action learning, rewarding and celebrating new ways of working, or some other form of help.

– develop skills and behaviours in your staff to support innovation.

-align your whole strategy, and the organisation towards promoting improved innovation: thus reducing costs, increasing productivity and customer service. More importantly, this leads to better motivated and engaged staff.

We draw on proven methods and approaches, including the world-leading teaching of the Open University’s Creativity, Innovation and Change module within their MBA course to deliver a menu which offers the depth and richness that most organisations need.

We strive to help clients embed a truly holistic approach to organisational creativity and innovation, not just confined to new processes and product development.

We have delivered training and development in this area for many clients including:

–  Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (now DSTL and QinetiQ).
–  Portsmouth City Council Future Leaders Course.
–  Wates Ltd, and Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Council on a joint housing project.
–  Constructing Excellence
–  BAE Systems

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