Business Education

Peter Wainwright is an Associate Lecturer with the  Open University Business School on the Dynamics of Strategy and the NHS Leading Care “The Mary Seacole Programme”, which develops first time leaders in healthcare. He also tutors on courses with University of Portsmouth Business School.

He also has over 10 years experience in regularly tutoring residential schools at MBA, Diploma and Certificate levels, including the Creativity, Innovation and Change module within the MBA .

Creativity, Innovation and Change (Course: B822):  “Peter has a wealth of relevant experience and knowledge to draw on as a B822 Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) or residential school tutor, and he combines this with a creative and generous-hearted approach. Students rated Peter’s tutoring highly in their feedback, and I am confident that his ALE colleagues also appreciated his ideas and reflective discussion points – I certainly did.
Special thanks to Peter for trying something new at the Course Team’s request, and running sessions on Elluminate as part of the ALE programme. He did this in addition to supporting his own, impressively active, online workshop group”.  Ros Bell, Course Director.

The Alternative Learning Experience is a 3 week part-time facilitated virtual in depth school with a group of 8 to 10 students from around the world, across many times zones, trying and evaluating different problem solving approaches.

Here’s some examples of this online collaboration.

  • In Jan 2011, Peter facilitated a virtual group of MBA students. This time students were located in Russia, Spain, Romania, Dubai, South Africa, Ethiopia and UK. We used Moodle forums, Skype and Blackboard Collaborate to solve some complex issues over 3 weeks.
  • In June/July 2011, Peter facilitated another online 3 week ALE, with students from Texas, Chad, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and the UK.